Snow Removal, Grading & Excavating, and Brush Hog/Mowing Services
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About Kingsmen Service


Kingsmen Services has the highly experienced and trained personnel, in conjunction with a fleet of professional equipment, to get the job done right and on schedule.

Dan King started Kingsmen Lawncare in 1998: A company focused on giving the customer good quality work at a fair price. Dan had several knowledgeable employees and always kept top notch equipment to ensure that promise. In 1999 Dan took advantage of his time off in the winter to expand his business by offering snow removal services. The snow removal side of Kingsmen would soon become the heart and soul of Kingsmen Lawncare. Over the years Dan has shifted his business more towards snow in the winter and custom mowing and brush cutting in the spring, summer and fall months.

Dan’s focus is on making his company grow. That is why he buys the right tools for the job and hand picks the best personnel to operate those tools. After years of pushing snow in the winter and custom mowing in the summer Dan decided to expand his business again. In 2012 Dan brought Chris Bonacker and Caleb Hendrix on board to be a part of his team.

All of Kingsmen Services personnel have safety and value in mind, therefore everyone at Kingsmen is OSHA and MSHA certified.